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Welcome to MyTurkeys.com, your easy guide to raising turkeys in your backyard. Here, you'll find free poultry articles and gamebird resources for raising turkeys. It doesn't matter if you're raising your own turkeys for meat, eggs or simply to add a wild element to your backyard poultry collection. We'll show you the basics you need to know for feeding turkeys, breeding turkeys and keeping these large, colorful birds healthy and happy.

Most backyard hobbyists raise turkeys for their meat, but you can also raise them just for fun or for their eggs (though they're hardly as productive as chickens). Whatever your reasons for visiting MyTurkeys.com, take your backyard poultry adventure to the next step with our helpful turkey care advice.

About Raising Turkey Game Birds

Thousands of people all across the glob enjoy the hobby of raising gamebirds like turkeys. Like quail, pheasants and other gamebirds, they're not as common as chickens and waterfowl. However, they can be just as rewarding and fun to raise.

There are many kinds of turkeys that you can add to your backyard turkey flock. Their care and husbandry requirements are all relatively similar. Example turkey breeds include Merriam's turkey, Gould's turkey, the Eastern wild turkey, heritage turkeys like the American Bronze, and standard breeds like the black turkey and the White Holland turkey.